Idaho Falls X-Ray Physician patient

X-Ray & Fracture Care

With an in-house X-ray machine, Dr. Ward is able to quickly review images to diagnose minor trauma injuries like fractures and broken bones. Injuries suffered from accidents, athletic participation or recreation can be diagnosed without making a trip to the emergency room. Of course, for emergencies, call 911 immediately.

Once Dr. Ward determines the nature of the injury he will discuss the treatment options and proscribe the best recovery plan for you. A cast or a splint may be applied to the injured area and some pain medication may also be proscribed.

As you may know, an X-ray machine uses electromagnetic radiation to take pictures of a patient’s bones or other internal structures. X-ray images are recorded either on film or recorded digitally. Bones appear white on the images because they block particles that are electromagnetically emitted by the X-ray machine. Muscle and fat, however, appear with a grayish hue. Dr. Ward reviews the X-ray image to determine if a bone is broken or fractured.