Dr. Reed Ward

In his kind and compassionate way, Dr. Ward, gathers family health history, listens without interrupting, gains an understanding of existing symptoms, and then provides a treatment plan specific to his patients. Dr. Ward has a unique ability as a family physician to understand his patients and get to the root of an illness. However, his skill as a family physician didn’t happen overnight.

family-physician-idaho-falls-dr-reed-ward-DRW-07Born and raised in Idaho Falls and before exploring a career as an Idaho Falls family physician, Dr. Ward attended and graduated from Bonneville High School. As he continued his education at Ricks College, his interest in becoming a family physician was sparked.

Continuing his studies at Utah State University, Dr. Ward’s love for medicine was realized. On his road to becoming an Idaho Falls family physician, he received his bachelor’s degree in Public Health and was awarded Cum Laude for academic achievement.

Dr. Ward attended Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine where his vision of becoming an Idaho Falls family physician came into focus. In medical school, he was placed in the Sigma Sigma Phi-Osteopathic Honor Society.

After completing his residency at IHC McKay-Dee Hospital, Dr. Ward moved back to Idaho Falls to open his own practice. Since 2002, Dr. Ward has served as an Idaho Falls family physician providing the highest quality of healthcare to his patients.

As an Idaho Falls family physician, Dr. Ward strives to provide all patients with an office environment where all healthcare needs can be addressed. One of Dr. Ward’s credos is to “return to the roots of traditional healthcare.” This means that he strives to learn the health history of his patients, be as available and accommodating to his patients as possible and then apply his skill as a family physician to return his patients to the best health possible.

osteopathic-DO-pysician-idaho-falls-07Dr. Ward would like to be your Idaho Falls family physician. He feels like the best part of his practice as an Idaho Falls family physician is the opportunity to work with a variety of people. Dr. Ward enjoys caring for each person as they bring their own unique story. From newborns to the elderly, Dr. Ward can help with all of your healthcare needs.

Dr. Ward says, “I enjoy giving my patients the comfort in knowing that they have a provider who knows their health history and will be there for their health needs. Having a variety of people to serve always keeps the job fun.”

Dr. Reed Ward is proud to serve as an Idaho Falls family physician right where he grew up and he believes east Idaho is among the greatest areas of our nation. He plans to be an Idaho Falls family physician for many years caring for the people in his hometown.

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